New charity regulator operations

From 3 December 2012, there is a new national regulator for charities, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Contact South East Access should you require more information about charity tax concessions. read more

Federal Budget 2012 -13 what it means to You

As predicted by almost every significant media outlet during the past week, the treasurer has announced a federal budget surplus of $1.5 bn for the 2012-13 year. A budget surplus is viewed by many in the community, perhaps a majority, as a good thing and therefore it is curious that the budget, at first glance, has a "flat" feel to it. read more

Charities taxation ruling released

The ruling explains our view of the meaning of ‘charitable’ for the purposes of the terms ‘charitable institution’ and ‘fund established for public charitable purposes’ where they are used in income tax and fringe benefits tax legislation. On 12¬†October 2011, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) released Taxation Ruling for Charities. More info at TR 2011/4 Income tax and fringe benefits tax: charities   read more

2011 Budget Overview

Overview of the 2011 Federal budget, for more information on the 2011 Budget and its impact and changes to your business and tax returns contact the team at South East Access, phone 02 4454 4444. read more

Guide for non-profit sporting clubs

Guide for non-profit sporting clubs The guide for non-profit sporting clubs to use when self-assessing if they are exempt from income tax as a society, association or club established for the encouragement of a game or sport. read more

Claiming deductions for donations to flood relief

The ATO will allow deductions without a receipt for donations up to $10 made to 'bucket appeals' for the floods in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. read more

Volunteer bushfire brigades: extending tax deductible donation support

The government will change the tax law to extend tax deductible donation support to all volunteer bushfire brigades. read more

GST concessions for charitable fundraising events

Certain organisations can choose to have all supplies they make in connection with a fundraising event treated as input taxed for goods and services tax purposes. read more

New initiative to help the non-profit sector

The ATO have developed a new initiative to help non-profit organisations understand their tax obligations and entitlement to tax concessions. read more

Donations to help earthquake victims in Haiti

Appeals have been launched to help victims of the disaster by collecting donations to support relief operations. read more