Choice of super fund – meeting your obligations

Your employees can choose which super fund their superannuation contributions are paid into. read more

What is the superannuation guarantee?

A list of answered 'frequently asked questions' on super for employers. read more

Looking for your lost superannuation

SuperSeeker is a tool that will look for your lost superannuation in real time and instantly provide you with possible matches. read more

Government adviser calls for simpler super

The head of an inquiry into superannuation has called for the industry's simplification, including easier to understand fee structures and fewer and larger industry funds. read more

Changes to super co-contributions

The super co-contribution matching rates for eligible personal super contributions have been temporarily reduced as part of the 2009 Federal Budget. read more

Super contributions: too much super can mean extra tax

Explains the caps that apply to super contributions and the tax payable if you exceed these caps. read more

Superannuation Fund nomination

Superannuation guarantee entitlement read more

Guide for employees – Reportable super contributions

Information about reportable super contributions and how they apply to the income tests for some tax offsets, the Medicare levy surcharge, and other government benefits and obligations. read more

Beware of promoters offering early access to super

Various plans which offer access to your superannuation money before you retire are illegal. read more