SCAMwatch is warning business owners and individuals to remain vigilant against scammers impersonating government officials with false claims of owed money.

A new scam targeting small businesses involves individuals claiming to be from the Australian Treasury, including the Treasury Reclamations Section, and offering to recover overpaid bank fees in return for a ‘processing fee’.

Protect your business from a potential scam by:

  • deleting a suspected scam email
  • hanging up on a suspected scam phone call
  • not sending money or giving away your financial details to anyone you don’t know or trust

Businesses should be aware of scam calls or emails claiming you to be entitled to reclaim fees or rebates.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC’s) Small Business Scams Fact Sheet (PDF)  also provides tips to help protect your business from scams.

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Don’t get caught. Don’t reveal to anyone you do not know your personal details, including your date of birth and tax file number. More details

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Should you require more information regarding financial and identity protection, please feel free to contact the team at South East Access for both business and personal tax advice.