The ATO will allow deductions without a receipt for donations up to $10 made to ‘bucket appeals’ for the floods in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

“In mid Jan 2011 ATO Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo announced ‘bucket appeal’ arrangements for Queensland and northern New South Wales,”

  • With floods now affecting communities across three states, we want to support community efforts to help people put their lives back on track.
  • For donations over $10 make sure you keep your receipt so you can claim your deduction in your tax return.
  • For donations made via the web, a bank or credit card statement will be enough.
  • To be deductible the donation must be made to a ‘deductible gift recipient’.

Most major charities are registered as ‘deductible gift recipients’ but if you are not sure whether an organisation is registered or not you can check on