Don’t get caught. Don’t reveal to anyone you do not know your personal details, including your date of birth and tax file number.

Scammers are putting fake job adds in newspapers and online, capturing people’s details then stealing their identity.

The Australian Tax Office investigations have shown that the advertised positions never existed and those running the scams generally communicate by email or mobile phones.

Some people are finding out that even a tax return has been lodged on their behalf with fraudulent details.

Only certain people and organisations can ask for your TFN – Tax File number, the most common being:

  • the ATO, when discussing your tax recordspersonal tax returns
  • your employer, but only after you start work.
    So never place your TFN on any resume
  • your bank or other financial institutions
  • your accountant
  • Centrelink
  • your superannuation fund
  • Scammers are targeting job seekers
  • Personal Tax Returns