There are many different types of scams – online, phone, mail and face-to-face.

Online scams, such as email ‘phishing’ scams are on the rise and are designed to trick you into giving away your money, passwords and personal details such as

  • Your tax file number – TFN
  • Date of Birth

Protect yourself and/or business from a potential scam by:

  • deleting any suspected scam email
  • hanging up on a suspected scam phone call
  • not sending money or giving away your financial details to anyone you don’t know or trust

Ensure that one

  • avoids sharing passwords and login details
  • change passwords and remove user access when a staff member leaves
  • secure tax records when they aren’t in use
  • avoid circulating tax file numbers in emails unless it’s absolutely necessary
  • ensure your computers have up-to-date security software, including anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and firewall protection.

Tax Refund fraud occurs where tax returns, activity statements and other documents are deliberately falsified in order to claim a tax refund a taxpayer is not entitled to. Fraudulent claims can be lodged by individuals on their own account or by third parties on behalf of others. Sometimes this involves identity crime, where taxpayer identities are used by third parties to make fraudulent claims for personal gain.

Don’t get caught. Don’t reveal to anyone you do not know your personal details, including your date of birth and tax file number. More details

Should you require more information regarding financial and identity protection, please feel free to contact the team at South East Access for both business and personal tax advice.

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