Scammers changing tactic

The ATO has warned taxpayers to be alert for scammers impersonating the ATO, as they are changing tactics.

“We are seeing the emergence of a new tactic, where scammers are using an ATO number to send fraudulent SMS messages to taxpayers asking them to click on a link and hand over their personal details in order to obtain a refund,” ATO Assistant Commissioner Karen Foat said.

The ATO said that there are some tell-tale signs that a contact is a scam, including:
• they send you an email or SMS asking you to click on a link to provide login, personal or financial information, to download a file or open an attachment
• they use aggressive or rude behaviour, or threaten you with arrest, jail or deportation
• they request payment of a debt via iTunes, Google Play or pre-paid Visa cards, cryptocurrency or direct credit to a personal bank account
• they request a fee in order to release a refund owed to you.
The ATO released data on scams in December 2018. Some of its findings include:
• more than 25,000 phone scam reports were recorded by the ATO in December
• more than 1500 phishing scam emails were reported to the ATO
• more than $500,000 was reported to the ATO as being paid to scammers in December, well down from November.

If you have received a text or phone call that you think may be a scam.
Please call our office.
We are happy to assist you by looking up any monies owing or outstanding returns.

02 4454 4444.

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