Why spend your valuable time doing something that we can do in a far more efficient and cost effective way?

South East Access can provide both on site and offsite bookkeeping services ranging from the simplest data processing through to a full back office service. 

We have found more and more businesses are realising that by getting all of their invoicing, accounts processing and payroll done by us, they actually are saving money right the first time, reduced end of year accounting fees, and way less stress!

Simple Bookkeeping

You simply supply all the information to be entered into your system.

This is a cheap and effective way to keep on top of your accounts.

Full Back Office

We carry out everything connected with the running of your accounts:

  • Creating all sales invoices and receipting the money;
  • Entering all purchases and paying creditors;
  • Run your payroll and transfer funds to employees;
  • Monthly bank reconciliation; and
  • Monthly/Quarterly BAS/IAS