business-training-programsSouth East Access offer a range of Management and Team Training Programs, including:

Customer Service Training : Your team will be trained in sales and marketing techniques through our programs designed to help all sizes of businesses. We will work with you and your team to develop a competitive edge in customer service and to achieve greater results in converting enquiries to help you achieve greater sales and profitability.

Advanced Financial Management Training : Designed for owner/managers and senior personnel in businesses in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and service sectors. The program gives you the practical skills and knowledge to analyse and interpret the financial performance of your business, and to interpret emerging problems.

Making Your Business Really Fly: Inspiration. The first steps to really thinking about working ON your business (instead of working IN) to help improve your profitability.

Building A Better Business: Designed to show what it takes to improve the profitability of a business. Learn specific and relevant leveraged marketing strategies that will enable you, as a business owner, to run a more effective (and profitable) business.

Training Program prices vary according to number of participants and the number of programs packaged. Contact us for a quote.