buying-a-businessSouth East Access will create a great package that will give you sound knowledge on which to make a very important decision.

Don’t get caught out paying far too much for your new business, or even buying a business that just doesn’t make sound financial sense.

This package includes:

    An initial meeting to go through exactly what information you need to collect from the current owner so that we can help you make your decision.

  • An information Pack to make your job (collecting the information) and ours (analysing the information) easier.
  • A report on your proposed business purchase that provides a breakdown of the asking price, and our advice as to what the business is worth rather than what the owners are asking.
  • We will analyse for you the finance you will need and your potential Return on Investment (ROI). We will also report on the outcomes of other investigations that may affect your decision, for example, additional expenses such as outgoings and franchise fees.
  • A meeting with South East Access Business Development Manager to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the business to help you make your decision and protect your investment.
  • Some points from the Department of State and Regional Development as to what you need to be looking for in your potential purchase. This covers sales, costs, profits, assets, the purchase agreement and legal issues.