2017 Tax Return Questionnaire

South East access services is always of exceptional quality, focusing on Tax Return Preparation and stress-free reporting to the Australian Taxation Office. read more

Complimentary financial health check

income tax The health check is designed to make sure the person is maximising their income in retirement, and will go through the person’s current savings / investment plans, tax status, superannuation, wills and insurances. The review will take ½ hour per person so if a husband and wife come in, even if all of the investments / super is in one partners name, it will take an hour. read more

“Compliance Made Easy” Package

compliance-made-easy-package This package includes all the business essentials for reporting to ATO and unlimited access to advice on taxation matters during the year. read more

Simplify and automate your accounting

BankLink securely collects electronic copies of your statement information from your bank or financial institution and then delivers this directly to us. This help you easily manage your invoicing and payments to suppliers, without the complexity of a full accounting solution. South East Access is able to provide the business solution to suit your Business. read more

Business Management and Monitoring

business-management-monitoring-package Designed to give you a sounding board to ensure that important strategic issues are addressed in your business. read more

Buying a Business

buying-a-business South East Access will create a great package that will give you sound knowledge on which to make a very important decision. Don't get caught out paying far too much for your new business, or even buying a business that just doesn't make sound financial sense. read more

Selling Your Business

selling-your-business Step by step advice to help you sell your investment for the right price. read more

Business Planning Package

business-planning-package South East Access will design a package to help you develop strategic direction and a competitive strategy for your business through your very own Business Plan. read more

Business Training Programs

business-training-programs South East Access offer a range of Management and Team Training Programs. read more

Do it Yourself Business Plan Package

do-it-yourself-business-plan-package South East Access Do-it-Yourself Business Plan package includes: A template asking you the key questions you need to answer to help you write your Business Plans. A diskette and paper copy of the template. General feedback on the first draft of your Business Plan. We can also give you specific assistance with content and presentation of your Business Plan read more